Do You Feel As Though You’re Not In Control Of Your Own Body?

“EXPOSED! Controversial Document Reveals The Long Hidden Secrets Of Hypnosis That Finally Gives Unrestricted Access To The Subconscious... Gain Absolute Control Of Your Body Using The Sheer Power Of Thought!”

Discover the Secrets Of The World’s Best Professional Hypnotists And How You Can Use Hypnotism To Control How Your Body Works... At YOUR Hypnotic Command!

From the desk of: Greg Frost
Date: 24 Jan 2018

Dear Friend,

Can you say that you were blessed with perfect health?

Unfortunately for most people, they don’t have the luxury to that claim.

In all likelihood, you aren’t blessed with perfect health either.

If you’ve been plagued by mild aches and pains, or chronic illnesses, you no longer have to suffer in silence.

Even if you find yourself in a stranglehold of addiction of any kind – drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc – you can break free of it and finally achieve the freedom to live your life as it should be lived... meaningfully, healthily, and to the fullest.

This could possibly be the most important letter that you will ever read, so be sure to read every word beyond this point carefully.

Because in mere minutes, you will have access to the best kept secrets that only a few learned individuals are in possession of.

But first...

“Does Any Of These Sound Familiar To You?”

You’re desperately trying to lose weight, but nothing you’ve tried – diets, medication, exercise – works, and you think you’re better off giving up your weight-loss ambitions.

You have a drinking problem, because either someone you care about told you that you do, or you’ve gotten yourself into trouble one time too many because you were drunk out of your mind.

You’re smoking 4, 5, 6 packs of cigarettes a day. The worst thing is, you know smoking is bad for you, but you just can’t stop.

You’re constantly worried and stressed out about your job, your marriage, your life in general, and you feel absolutely helpless, because you believe that everything is just beyond your control.

Perhaps you’ve even been told that you have the tendency to exhibit surprisingly violent or hostile behavior towards others (and instead of realizing and accepting it graciously you probably lashed out and proved them right to begin with).

Don’t feel too bad if you’ve experienced any one of these situations (or even all of them), because you’re not alone.

Rest assured that almost everyone would have had experienced one or some of the above at some point in their lives.

But the more important thing to take comfort in is this:

“You Can Eliminate These Problems From Your Life... Just By The Sheer Power Of Thought!”

The key to eliminating these problems lies deep within you.

You already have the solution embedded deep in you, in the last place you’d ever think to look.

The secret lies in knowing just how your subconscious mind works. Once you know exactly how your subconscious mind works, you can make it work for you rather than against you... in any way you see fit.

Because your subconscious controls your very state of being, once you have full control over your subconscious mind, you will be able to control practically every aspect of your well-being.

And you can achieve this full control through the ancient art of hypnosis.

Contrary to popular belief...

“Hypnosis Isn’t Just For Stage Magic.”

A lot of people tend to think that the use of hypnosis is limited to stage performances, and that only magicians and illusionists have the ability to hypnotize someone.

In fact, the medical community used to laugh it off as a mere parlor trick used to amuse children at birthday parties or entertain people at night clubs to induce a trance-like state in people to make them say silly things or act in funny ways.

Until they were proven wrong.

Hypnosis is more than just putting someone in a trance and getting them to do one’s bidding.

When used correctly, hypnosis can cure numerous psychological and physiological conditions, especially conditions that don’t seem to respond to other “tried-and-tested” treatments.

Because the mind and body are interlinked, how one feels psychologically will affect how they feel physically.

" Worth Its Weight In Gold. . ."

To be honest I never expected much out of this course. But Greg has definitely overdelivered in terms of the content. The reason why I bought Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed was for advice on hypnotherapy, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out how comprehensive the course really is, covering topics on not only hypnotherapy, but the techniques of how to induce a hypnotic state on one’s self or on others.

I believe it’s these detailed techniques that make the entire course worth its weight in gold, and ever since discovering them in this course, I’ve been putting them to good use in my daily routines. They’ve definitely been very effective in getting me to de-stress at the end of a long day at the office, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

Mike Teluca
Harrison, NY

" Really Changed My Life. . ."

I just have to say that the Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed course has really changed my life. For years now I’ve been under a lot of stress, and as a result I’ve had trouble sleeping. I’ve visited countless doctors for advice and treatment, but none of them worked. Most prescribed sleeping pills, but I made it a point to not be dependent on them because of all the horror stories about sleeping pill addiction from my friends.

Then one day I stumbled upon your site, bought the course, and following the advice in the book I consulted a hypnotherapist. By the 4th session I was sleeping like a baby every night! No longer did I feel exhausted or sickly every time I woke up. Ever since the hypnotherapy sessions I’ve been waking up energized and raring to go every morning.

Andrea Watson
Atlanta, GA

" Using The Techniques You Shared And
Putting Them To Good use."

Great stuff here Greg. I've been using the techniques you shared and putting them to good use.

Lest I divulge any secrets, I'll best not say much more. Except that your program has really made me a much happier man.


Gavin Ryker


“Treat The Mind, Heal The Body.”

Think about the last time you were mentally worn out.

Were you in the mood to do anything physically strenuous?

Chances are, you weren’t, because you would have felt tired physically as well, and wanted nothing more than to get a good night’s rest.

But what if you could command your subconscious at will?

What if you could “tell” your mind that you’re no longer stressed out, and that you’re up for something more physical?

What if you were ill and looking for a quick way to relieve whatever symptoms you were experiencing?

With hypnosis, you can achieve this, quickly and easily.

Psychologists and hypnotherapists have long used hypnosis as part of their psychological evaluation and treatment processes for their patients.

For example, patients that have conditions like Fibromyalgia – which have both physical and psychological components – have to treat both aspects in order to alleviate their condition.

Over the years there have been a growing number of reports that attest to the effectiveness of hypnotherapy in the medical field, and many conditions have been alleviated or completely cured by way of hypnotherapy.

“Just In Case You Have Any Doubts About Hypnotherapy...”

It’s understandable that you may still have doubts about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy.

You might not be ready to accept the truth that has been kept from you all this while, because hypnosis has, for a long time, been known to be a stage act rather than a miracle in the medical and self-improvement fields.

But after hearing the following, you may just end up believing in the effectiveness of hypnosis where self-healing is concerned.

In my years as a self-improvement enthusiast, I have had the honor and privilege of knowing some of the best minds in the field.

I have befriended many who have had a myriad of problems in their lives, and many who have helped alleviate these problems for good.

One such person, of whom I had the greatest privilege of knowing, was a renowned hypnotherapist, who had spent years helping others cope with their ailments, both physical and psychological, through intensive hypnotherapy.

He had been the one to banish all doubt I had about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy.

“Imagine Forcing Cancer Into Remission Through The Power Of The Subconscious...”

That had been just one of the feats that this good friend of mine was able to help a patient achieve.

In one of my many encounters with him, he recounted a case where his patient had been attending chemotherapy for almost 3 years, and yet progress had been extremely slow.

The cancerous growth was inoperable, and chemotherapy had been the only feasible solution then.

The patient was losing all hope, when the good doctor suggested something radical (at least for the time): hypnotherapy.

Within 6 months of undergoing a combination of chemotherapy and hypnotherapy, for the first time in nearly 3 years, the patient finally received some good news.

The cancer was, at long last, going into remission.

Of course, some naysayers have said that it could very well be the result of the continuous chemotherapy over the years.

However, his recurring successes over the following years has me convinced that he had the ability to reach into the human mind and force it to manipulate the body into achieving anything the mind “programs” the body to achieve.

Since then he has helped hundreds of patients alleviate their conditions, both common and complex, through hypnotherapy.

And he has been kind enough to sit down with me and share some of his most potent and powerful hypnosis secrets.

“For The First Time Ever, You Too Can Have Access To These Amazing Secrets...”

...because I’ve put together years worth of painstaking research, notations, and practical techniques into one solid compilation that teaches you the art of hypnosis.

From the basics to the advanced techniques, you will learn everything there is to know about hypnosis.

You’ll discover the secrets that stage hypnotists have been using for decades to “enthrall” the audiences with... but as fun as such a discovery may be, there is a far greater reason why you should be compelled to learn the secrets of hypnosis.

With this amazing resource, you’ll learn ways to use hypnosis to eliminate a variety of health issues, by tapping into the unlimited power of your subconscious and “reprogramming” how your body works and reacts to the changes occurring within itself.

You’ll learn secrets such as...

How practically anyone can experience the life-changing benefits of hypnosis... even if you’ve never believed that it works in your entire life!

The core differences between stage hypnosis and practical hypnotherapy (and why you shouldn’t be disillusioned by stage hypnosis and be quick to dismiss the benefits of hypnotherapy)

The secret to dealing with repressed childhood issues and how you can completely eliminate your deep-seated fears formed in your formative years

The best tips to finding a competent, highly qualified hypnotherapist

And a whole lot more (did you know hypnosis has helped hundreds of mothers get through the pain of childbirth with ease?)

Are you ready to discover the truth about hypnosis and its undeniable life-changing power?

If so, then with your permission, allow me to introduce to you...

The “Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed” Course
Heal Yourself Through Hypnotherapy

The “Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed” course consists of 3 amazing components, each designed to bring significant benefits to your health by granting you access to the deepest depths of your psyche and allowing you to “reprogram” both your mind and body however you see fit, all through the power of hypnosis.

This course is a result of decades-long research and compilation of some of the best works from professional hypnotherapists around the world, condensed into one complete, comprehensive, easy-to-read guide.

“Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed” is everything you’ve ever needed to know about the life-changing benefits of hypnosis.

#1: Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed Manual

The “Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed” manual reveals all things hypnosis, beginning with the basics of hypnosis and how a hypnotic state can be induced. This comprehensive book details the circumstances that are necessary for you to induce a hypnotic state in either yourself or someone else, and the exact hypnosis techniques that have proven to be successful time after time.

Here’s a sneak peek of just some of the secrets you’ll discover within the pages of this manual:

The full low-down on little-known facts about hypnosis, and answers to frequently asked questions such as, “Can I be hypnotized against my will?” and “Am I surrendering my free will when I’m hypnotized?”

The absolute best hypnosis technique to use either on yourself or on someone you want to hypnotize (I’ll show you 3 top secret methods, so you’ll have a choice of which one is the best for you) – Flip over to Page 23

Plagued by chronic pain? No problem! I’ll teach you the steps to quick pain relief... without having to resort to drugs or suffering the side-effects of such medication!

8 out of 10 people suffer from various habitual problems such as smoking, obesity, eating disorders, anxiety, stress, and depression. Learn how hypnosis can help cure these problems with a literal snap of a finger – Page 28

Did you know that about one in four adults in America suffer from a diagnosable psychological disorder such as addictions and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)? Discover the 14 different psychological conditions that are commonly treated with hypnosis and how you can easily overcome them with a simple technique

Looking for a hypnotherapist? Ask them these 10 questions to find out if he’s qualified enough to help you (this is an absolute must... you wouldn’t allow a tech support guy to perform surgery on you, would you?)

6 secrets to finding the best qualified hypnotherapist in your area... and 1 place you never even thought of looking to begin with!

What you should NOT do when engaging in self-hypnosis... this can mean the difference between curing yourself and causing permanent, irreversible damage to your psyche!

Once you’re well-informed of what you shouldn’t do, I’ll teach you the two most basic techniques of self-hypnosis that you’ll definitely want to try first. Want to know what these techniques are? Flip over to page 47

How you can harness the true power of hypnotic suggestions to their fullest potential... master this and there’s no mind you can’t “reprogram”!

Think you’ve learned every hypnosis trick in the book? Now I’ll show you how you can help yourself and others using your newly attained hypnosis skills (Page 50)

And a whole lot more!

Click Here To Download Your
"Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed" Course Now

#2: Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed Audiobook

I’m well aware of the fact that some people are simply too busy to sit down and read a full length book, especially after a long hard day in the office.

I’m also well aware of the fact that people have different ways of learning and absorbing information.

Which is why I’ve decided to include an audiobook version of the Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed manual.

Containing the same exact secrets found within the pages of the manual, the audiobook leaves out nothing and makes for a great complement to the Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed experience.

I’ve provided the audiobook into 4 separate audio segments, so you can download them into your favorite MP3 player or even into your phone, and you can take Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed wherever you go.

Listen to the audio segments while on your way to work, or while you’re relaxing in bed... no matter where you are, you’ll be able to learn the secrets of hypnosis at your own leisure.

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"Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed" Course Now

#3: Live A Healthier Life Hypnotic Audio Program

In addition to the manual and the audiobook version of “Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed”, I’ll also throw in a “Live A Healthier Life Hypnotic Audio Program”.

This program was specially designed to induce an almost automatic hypnotic state in you the moment you listen to it.

Throughout the duration of the audio program, you will experience a calm and soothing sensation as you enter a hypnotic state which will grant you more control over your own subconscious, so you can make the changes you want to make for yourself, most importantly for your health, so that you can live a much healthier and more fulfilling life.

Created through extensive research from the world’s top professional hypnotherapists and the use of cutting-edge audio technology, this hypnotic audio program is guaranteed to unlock the subconscious mind and give you the keys to your own state of being.

Literally think yourself a healthier life, just by listening to the “Live A Healthier Life” hypnotic audio program for just 20 minutes a day.

CAUTION: Never listen to this audio program while driving or operating heavy machinery. Due to the hypnotic nature of this program which may induce a state of complete relaxation, be sure to only listen to this program while sitting or laying down.


" Definitely A Must-Read Fo Anyone Considering Taking An Advantage Of The Benefits Of
Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy . . ."

Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed is laid out in such a way that it’s impossible for anyone to not be able to follow through. Each chapter details step-by-step techniques that are easy to follow, and Greg Frost provides a boatload of information and the benefits of hypnotherapy that you’d be hard-pressed to find any other hypnosis resource that matches the amount of content included within Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed.

Definitely a must-read for anyone considering on taking advantage of the benefits of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

John McIntyre
Pittsburg, PA

" Great Advice On Hypnotherapy . . ."

Another great self-improvement resource from the guru himself, Greg Frost! This program uncovers the best hypnosis techniques that you can use on yourself or your loved ones to alleviate most common ailments.

For those seeking relief from more serious conditions, Greg has also included great advice on hypnotherapy and how it can help eliminate these conditions in time. A must-read for any self improvement/alternative medicine enthusiast.

Monica Franklin
Grand Rapids, MI

" Tried The Technique You Taught, And Once I
Got It Right I Could Feel The Much-Needed
Relief In My Head "

Sorry if this comes across sounding bad, but at first I thought this was a scam! But after trying out your course, I know better.

You see, I’ve seen dozens of such products online, and none of them have worked for me. I’ve even been scammed of my refunds when things went bad, so I was really, really skeptical about your course. But I was desperate for a solution for my constant migraines, so despite my gut feeling I went ahead and bought your course.

I have to say that I hadn’t expected this much detail about hypnotherapy. You’ve really pulled out all the stops in this, and the one thing that convinced me your course works is that chapter on self hypnosis. I tried the technique you taught, and once I got it right I could feel the much-needed relief in my head!

Now every time I experience a migraine I’d put into practice what you taught in the course, and I’d feel much better in mere minutes.

Remy Benfield
Charleston, SC


“Just Let All This Sink In For A Minute...”

You don’t have to suffer through nagging aches and pains or constant ill health.

You can command your body to fix itself and accelerate the healing process, simply through the power of your subconscious.

And you can achieve unlimited power of the subconscious through hypnosis.

“Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed” will show you exactly how you can do this.

You’ll get 3 components in total, all of which are 100% guaranteed to provide you with results in under 30 days (if you follow the instructions to the letter, that is).

Ok, you might be wondering...

“How Much Is This Life-Changing Resource Going To Cost Me, Greg?”

Actually, the question you should be asking yourself should be, “How much is this life-changing resource worth to me?”

How much would you be willing to pay a medical professional to cure all your nagging health issues once and for all?

Or have you already paid an exorbitant amount for a professional to try and cure you of your issues, but yet you’re still in constant pain?

If you’ve always had nagging health issues that even your usual doctors haven’t been able to cure, then perhaps it’s time for you to take matters into your own hands.

I’m not going to make you pay a ridiculously exorbitant sum of money for something that you can do on your own, and I truly believe that with “Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed”, you CAN cure yourself of all your nagging ailments.

If you’ve dealt with me before you would know that I am in the business of helping people.

I’m not out to make a profit from people’s problems, because I don’t get as much satisfaction from profiteering as I do from helping others.

Which is why I’m offering “Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed” at a mere price of $97 $47 $19.97.

Only for the next 60 27 clients...

Regular Price $97 Today $19.97


However, please note that the special price of $19.97 is only reserved for those who are willing to take action fast.

It’s my way of rewarding those of you who want to help yourself live a better life.

I’ll be increasing the price once the first 27 orders have been filled, so do make the right decision and act now by locking in your order of “Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed” for just $19.97 while the offer is still good.

“Still Not Convinced?”

It’s quite understandable how you may be reluctant to make the right decision, even though in your hearts of hearts you know that this is the right thing to do.

Frankly I’m not surprised, because in my years as a self-improvement professional I’ve seen a lot of people who have had conflicts with doing the right thing, even if it’s to help themselves.

Because I really, sincerely want to help you achieve a better life, I’m going to help you make the right decision.

I’m absolutely certain that “Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed” will benefit you and make your life that much better.

Which is why I’m offering to bear all the risks involved in your investment of “Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed”.

That’s right...

I’m offering you the entire “Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed” course with an Iron Clad, No-Nonsense, No-Questions-Asked, 60-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

If you’re not entirely satisfied of the course’s effectiveness, contact me within 60 days of your investment, and I’ll refund you every single penny that you’ve spent for the course, no questions asked.

Like I said before, I’m here to help you, and if you find that my course hasn’t helped you in the slightest and you haven’t benefited from it at all, then I don’t deserve your money.

Rest assured that your investment in “Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed” is 100% guaranteed.

" This Is Where You Should Start ."

Not only does Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed cover the basics, it also touches on some of the more advanced techniques that a lot of professionally trained hypnotherapists use in their sessions.

I’ve been a hypnotherapist for years now, and I was surprised at the level of detail provided within this course. Greg Frost has really outdone himself this time, and if you’re keen on knowing more about the benefits that hypnotherapy can bring you, then this is where you should start.

Mina Hartwood
Raleigh, NC

" You Can't Go Wrong With Secrets
of Hypnosis Exposed ."

I’ve been studying Alternative Medicine for some time now, and I’ve come across several reference materials that have enlightened me somewhat on hypnotherapy. But it wasn’t until I discovered Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed that I finally got an in-depth understanding of just how effective hypnotherapy is as an alternative to conventional treatments.

You can’t go wrong with Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed.


Ben Tristan
Columbus, OH


“What Now, Greg?”

Now ask yourself again what a life-changing resource such as “Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed” is worth to you.

Is it worth the countless hospital trips for medication and treatment just to keep your condition, whatever it may be, in control?

Is it worth the pain and suffering you have to endure in silence as you lose faith in all the doctors you’ve been to?

Is it worth sitting there doing nothing, even though you know that in just a few minutes, you will have access to some of the clandestine secrets of hypnosis that no doctor would ever want you to know about, because if everyone knew these secrets, they would be out of business?

You don’t have to suffer in silence, or feel helpless any longer.

You can control your own health.

You can take charge of your own life today.

Unlock the full power of your mind right now.

YES , Give It To Me Now!

I Want To Transform My Life Today

  • I understand I'll be instantly downloading the whole "Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed" course, complete with the Secrets Of Hypnosis Manual, audiobook segments, and also the Live A Healthier Life Hypnotic Audio Program, for just a measly one-time investment of $197, $97, $19.97
  • On top of that, I also understand that my investment is protected by your 100% 60-Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Regular Price $97 Today $19.97


(I reserve the right to end this offer at anytime without warning.)


Wishing You A Healthier Life,

Greg Frost
Creator of the “Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed” Course

P.S. Your mind holds secrets you’re barely aware of. Open your mind, gain full unrestricted access to your subconscious through the power of hypnosis, and experience for yourself the life-changing benefits that hypnotherapy can bring into your life.

P.P.S. Please keep in mind that the offer of $19.97 is only good for the first 27 clients who are willing to take action fast. Once 27 orders have been filled, “Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed” will automatically be priced at its original price of $47. So please, I urge you to act fast and reserve your copy of “Secrets of Hypnosis Exposed” now!

P.P.P.S. Also keep in mind that you don’t have anything to worry about with regards to your investment in “Secrets Of Hypnosis Exposed”, because you’re covered by my no-nonsense, no-questions-asked, 60-days, 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not in any way satisfied by your investment, simply contact me and I’ll refund you the entire cost of the course, no questions asked.